10 Best Practices For Corporate Video

July 19, 2019

Ten Best Practices

1) Video quality is everything. We all know the trend of user generated content- but don't get it confused with your company's published videos. If your brand is a premium, your content will reflect this. The quality of your videos will reflect the care you put into the rest of the business.

2) Be aware of your market's video trends.

3) Get creative in your ambassadors. Executives often speak for the company, but it can be just as engaging, and involving, to get your employees involved. It can help include and acknowledge teams that are working hard, and present relatable voices. Just be sure to have a great video editor on board to ensure the video looks polished!

4) It takes 5-7 impressions to convert. Retarget and retarget again.

5) 50% of people will click off of the video after 3 seconds if they are not engaged. Lead with your best material! What is the most engagning shot

6) What are your companies values? Do

7) Set up the framework. Masterlist and sublist. Fun.




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