Intapp Connect

Intapp Connect Conference


We shot onsite in the Palo Alto office, as well as coordinated a timed recording with the New York offices, so we could have a live panel with both panelists speaking at once. We were able to coordinate both the slides recording as well as the speakers, and edit together as if it were a live conversation.

To create a unified look, we made sure speakers and slides screens had the same visual elements and transitions, creating a unified and professional effect throughout the conference.

We also stitched all the videos together so the Intapp Events team would only have to play the video once and the entire string of videos would begin playing, with appropriate question and answer periods.

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Video Director: Veronica Wood

Main Cinematography: Veronica Wood& Chris Hess

Project Management: Brittany Duicu

Video Edits: Matt Hanisch, Joseph Dacchille, Bharti Saraswat

Supporting Cinematography: Sleeves Up Productions

Los Angeles


Carroll Canal / Venice, California / United States
Glenayr Ave / Bondi, New South Wales / Australia