How DTC Products Are Leveraging Video

July 19, 2019

The D2C sector has been seemingly on an infinite growth cycle in the past few years.

New companies are forming constantly, as the barrier dangles enticingly low, and larger companies gleam in the proverbial distance, with impressive funding rounds and well-packed acquisitions. Seemingly just one campaign away the next Dollar Shave Club or Nerd Skincare.

But is this yet again another fad?

In this hyper competitive space, there is certainly room to build - but also an unforgiving audience, and fragmented platforms, pushing companies to spend more, and create flawless, truly engaging messaging.

The word engagement is thrown around a lot - and for good reason. The lucrative gatekeeper on the path to purchase. So, what drives engagement? In many studies such on those from Databox and Forbes, they have found that QUALITY VIDEO is the number one indicator of engagement.

In this crowded space there is no room for lazy, low-quality content. Not only will the audience not buy from you, but they will also have a negative impression of your brand, prompting perhaps an indefinite block of relationship with this customer.

Content with a positive engagement however, creates fans, super-fans and spokespeople. The positive feedback loop generates the type of ROI you see in companies like Glossier and Everlane.

To make sure your video content hits the mark, you need to invest. It's worth every penny to you and your reputation.

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